Our Goals

  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for the children.
  • To provide and encourage the development of a positive self-image and foster independence in each child. We want to encourage respect of self as well as for others.
  • To provide opportunities to develop positive relationships with adults.
  • To help the children develop good health habits.
  • To develop and promote healthy developmentally appropriate growth in areas of social, emotional, cognitive skills, and physical.

Philosophy of Families
Dina’s Child Care and Preschool strive to create an atmosphere of family through which all differences are not only appreciated, but are celebrated. Families are an integral component of our life at the Center and the work we do with the children. The children’s childhood experience is greatly enhanced when staff and families work together.

Dina’s Child Care Center is licensed by the State of California.
220 S Canal Street
Merced, Ca. 95341
Phone Number: 209.725.9452
Hours of Operation: 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Lic # for Preschool ( ages 2-6) : Facility#243808840
Lic# for Day Care (ages 6-12) : 243909084

Food Menu

Kurt Miller, RD
Here at Dina’s Day Care we are committed to improving the nutrition and physical activity of all children. Our program and our staff are committed to promoting a pleasant environment where developmentally appropriate foods are served; where there is an emphasis on family meal style service; and where Staff and Parents choose when and what to eat, and the child “self-regulates” intake. Healthy, nutritious meals will be served daily and one or two healthy snacks will be offered each day. Lean meats, fruits and vegetables which promote optimal health will be included in our menus, servings on entrees and side dishes will be regulated by the child, and we will use low fat dairy products and 100% fruit juice only once a day. Offer water freely. We will take great care to avoid high sugar sodas and juices and high salty snacks, and serve healthy foods when celebrating special events and recognizing birthdays.

Click the calendar below to view a sample of our food menu

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